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Why us?

For well over a century, Buxton has had one fundamental goal – to achieve the best possible outcome for every one of our clients.

When it comes to selling, our focus is to maximise the sale price potential of your property, while making the process easy and enjoyable for you.

Along with building trusted relationships with our clients – built on inherent values of integrity, care and respect – we understand what it takes to achieve superior sales results.

More buyers are drawn to Buxton properties, thanks to a combination of outstanding presentation, high-tech strategic marketing, a trusted brand and superior local knowhow.

And because we’re the market leader in all our office regions, we meet more active property seekers, giving every Buxton agent exclusive access to a combined, multi-office database that captures every buyer.

Combine all of this with our exceptional negotiation skills and a demonstrable record for achieving exceptional sale prices, and it’s easy to see why you’ll enjoy a better real estate experience with Buxton.

How much is your property worth?

It depends on the honesty and skill of your agent.

Our people have the comparable sales evidence, experience and knowledge to assess the market worth of your property, and the integrity to convey the real facts to you without ‘sugar coating’ the potential outcome.

Great results don’t happen by accident.

We’ll identify the major selling features of your property and then help you maximise their appeal with eye-catching presentation and superior marketing.

And with our extensive, up-to-the minute database, compiled from buyer interactions right across our vast multi-office network, we have access to more buyers looking right now, for properties just like yours.

But bringing more buyers to your door is only half the story.

It takes well-trained negotiators to increase gains, prevent losses and enhance circumstances in ways that will maximise the true price potential of your property.

Buxton attracts and retains the best in the business through its systematic sales training and personal coaching. This highly skilled representation will give your property a major competitive advantage.

Why settle for less, when you can sell for more with Buxton?

Attracting more buyers

Effective marketing is essential to a successful property sale.

Because your property will be competing against others on the market, it’s vital to promote it with high impact, targeted reach and maximum frequency.

To achieve this, we will develop a bespoke campaign that employs all the elements required to reach, engage and attract more buyers to your property.

Centred on the use of premium photography and quality copywriting, most campaigns include a full online strategy focusing on the most popular real estate websites, along with key real estate print media such as The Weekly Review, Leader and our own premium quality b > property magazine.

We will further boost the exposure of your property via our automated b >alert buying matching system and an array of tailored, high-impact marketing collateral – including prestige property brochures and videos, prominent multi-office electronic and static window displays, letterbox marketing and more – all working together as part of a powerful, integrated marketing campaign.

Using the latest intelligent web technology and remarketing techniques, we’re able to capture buyers who have viewed similar properties online, and promote your property to them on other sites they visit.

Our advanced database technology captures buyer information from right across our multi-office network, as well as every buyer interaction, whether by email, online property portals or a Buxton open-for-inspection. We then use our advanced buyer profiling and property-matching systems to identify and contact the ‘best’ buyers – those who will pay the most for your property.

It all adds up to more of the right buyers and the maximum possible sale price for your property.

b >alert

Along with automatically matching your property to relevant registered and active buyers, our powerful and intelligent b >alert email and SMS notification system tracks, monitors and responds to client interactions to drive increased interest in your property.

For example, when someone clicks on a property in a b >alert email, it automatically triggers our system to provide further information, including properties that might be located a little outside their stated buying region or with slightly different price or property specifications.

This advanced system ensures your property is promoted to all potential buyers.

In addition, with thousands of registered and active buyers on our system, all relevant buyers are automatically notified and invited to an inspection as soon as your property is listed. This can result in immediate buyer enquiry, and we achieve a significant number of fast ‘off-market’ sales by this method alone.

We also use the b >alert system to send buyers a reminder about the auction time for your property, making it a powerful tool to maximise competition on auction day.

Method of sale

The method of sale you choose can have a strong bearing on the selling price and the time your property is on market. We’ll assess your needs, the market conditions and advise the right medium for you.

These are the options to consider:

Public Auction

This is the most popular method in high-demand areas. Competitive bidding can often generate results that exceed expectations and a sense of urgency is created with decreased time on market. A cooling-off period does not apply.

Private Sale

Almost half of our property sales each year are private sales so it is an effective option. Generally, private sales will have a set asking price or a price range. If the price is too high, the selling period can be drawn out and impact negatively on the final result.

Expressions of interest

This method appeals to those vendors who would prefer to avoid the public element associated with an auction. Offers to purchase are invited by a specified deadline. A fixed price is not disclosed.

Sale by tender

With a closing date for offers, this method is used for very large properties, major developments or multiplicity of use.

Off-market sales

Ideal for sellers who prefer not to advertise their property or run a campaign of formal open-for-inspections, an ‘off-market’ approach leverages our extensive buyer database to invite pre-qualified buyers to private inspections, arranged in consultation with the seller. Expert negotiation is then employed with interested buyers, to achieve the maximum possible private sale outcome, quietly and effectively.

When talking to you about your method of sale we will discuss your own circumstances and feelings. Once you have determined your preference, Buxton will develop an appropriate approach to maximise your sale price.

Presenting your property

Presentation of your property is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible sale price. The preparation you put into getting your property ready for sale is paramount.

First impressions are everything. Thanks to our vast experience, we know what has the greatest impact when it comes to attracting and retaining the best buyers.

We’ll study your home as if through the eyes of the buyer, looking at both internal and external presentation, and make the relevant recommendations.

Rarely do you need to spend thousands of dollars on refurbishment or landscaping, however de-cluttering, cleaning, tidying, repairs and decoration can make a significant difference to your final result.

We can also refer to you to our network of skilled, reliable tradespeople and service providers to help ensure your property is presented at its best.

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