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Welcome to the online home appraisal.

Have you been wondering where your home sits on the market but don't have the time to get an agent around? Well now you can get an appraisal online.

How we do the appraisal?

With the information provided by you on the appraisal form with online data found on your property through programs used by agents and a comparable market analysis, we can provide you a market appraisal of your property to give you an idea on where your house sits on the market.

What do you receive?

You will receive an estimation of what your property is worth and a comparable market analysis report.

How long will it take?

You will receive your appraisal results in only 10 minutes from when the agent reads your email. Please keep in mind that times can be delayed after work hours, if the agent is in a meeting or on weekends.

How accurate is an online appraisal?

Without actually seeing the property the appraisal can be a little bit off the mark but usually the estimation of the value of the home can be pretty close. If you would like an accurate appraisal please email dbozoski@buxton.com.au to book a time and day to view your property.